Hardy, Full Sun Flowering Bushes?

Answer Virtually any landscape has the perfect location for a hardy, flowering shrub. Choose a shrub that offers compatibility within your regional weather. A hardy shrub that requires full sunlight in it... Read More »

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Flowering Bushes That Can Take Full Sun?

In a landscape where the sun shines all day and there are no shade trees for miles, you'll want to look at bushes that can take full sun. Full-sun shrubs can add a modicum of shade, but you can als... Read More »

Hardy Bushes to Trim Into Trees?

Sometimes, you want a shrub, and sometimes you prefer a tree. Fortunately, some shrubs serve both purposes. Certain species of hardy shrubs tolerate pruning and can grow as small trees. Such shrubs... Read More »

Flowering Bushes & Shrubs?

Flowering bushes and shrubs make a nice border for large gardens, porches and patios. Some can be grown in portable containers. Flowering shrubs can be fragrant or non-fragrant, short or tall, with... Read More »

How do I prune flowering bushes?

TimingPrune flowering shrubs immediately after their blooms fade. Blooms grow on last year's woody growth in flowering shrubs, so the plant will begin focusing on new growth as soon as this year's ... Read More »