Hardwood Refinishing Products?

Answer Traditional solid hardwoods and veneer layered plywood and medium density fiber board, also known as MDF, can be stripped and refinished using traditional refinishing methods. Other types of engine... Read More »

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Is sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor a hard job?

You being a woman makes no difference to your ability to do the job Penny..Right, thats that bit done..First hire a floor sander, also an edging sander..When you switch on to use it make damn sure ... Read More »

What is the average cost per square foot for hardwood floor refinishing by a professional?

have a few estimates and they are between $2-$3+ depending on floor condition. Should be able to find someone for about $2 or cheaper for straight refinish with no trouble areas.

Products for Refinishing Oak Cabinets?

One of the great things about real oak cabinets is that when they become worn or dingy, you can strip them down and refinish them. There are various shades of stain and gloss to choose from, but ge... Read More »

What products can be used to clean hardwood floors?

Pinesol is recommended, but any product that is approved should work. Visit your local Home Improvement store and go to the cleaning aisles. Each product should have a label which contains informat... Read More »