Hardware compatibility, please read through....?

Answer Yes time for new mother board and new dual gpu ( two 6970 gpus ) AMD 6990 the new KING of video cards, just released see Sapphire, or AMD sites etc.. Me I run Sapphire 6970 and play any game out no... Read More »

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Computer hardware compatibility questions and more!?

Not compatible.FM1 socket motherboard does not accommodate AMD Athlon II X3 450, and the high speed memory I have to guess is all wrong without digging deeper.Are you choosing random parts?GeForce ... Read More »

Do you think TCs of the hardware section have the hardest hardware?

There's only one way to find out ;) Mellow lover totally deserves a TC badge, his struggles with his printer should be recognized!!!

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What is ASP Compatibility?

To run IIS you must have Windows NT 4.0 or later To run PWS you must have Windows 95 or later ChiliASP is a technology that runs ASP without Windows OS InstantASP is another technology that runs AS... Read More »