HardDrive - Master and Slave Formatting?

Answer no it wont matter if you put a new master drive in and its NTFS nor will it have any affect on the slave drive

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I have an old computer with a harddrive that freezes during bootup can i make it a slave drive?

Yes, it is possible, just by changing the jumpers around. But if it was having problems as the primary drive, then you may have difficulties reading it as a secondary drive.

Can i use my slave hdd as the master drive?

yes..change the jumper setting at the back of your HDD. you see the configuration on the sticker of HDD.

How to Replace a Slave Master Cylinder?

When you apply foot pressure to the clutch of your vehicle, the clutch master cylinder converts that pressure to hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure is then conveyed to one or several slave... Read More »

How do you configure your master and slave hard drive.?

Look at the back of your hard drives you will see some "jumpers" small plastic blocks that fit on to pins you should see the diagram of the jumper settings on the label, set one to M or master the ... Read More »