Hard swollen area under daughters armpit?

Answer I did answer this question, and like I said, ignore the pitiful ignorant fools that gave you the answers you received. In the other place you put this question, other people are answering in a much... Read More »

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The left side of my forehead and eye area is kinda swollen. Maybe the bone is a little swollen to, idk.?

If you have a bad headache you should take a couple of paracetamol , your headache should ease in about 10 to 15 minutes.............

How to get rid of pimple under my armpit?

My mother always swore by a poltus(sp?). She would take a piece of bread, about 1/2 inch square and soak it in milk, squeeze out the milk and put the bread on the pimple and hold in place with a b... Read More »

How do you get rid of boil under armpit?

These are -- as you no doubt know -- quite painful. I'm going to say lancing is the treatment of choice, but it's not a first aid treatment. The first aid for this is packing it to prevent more irr... Read More »

In early pregnancy would you have a hard time to poop everyday and stomach is swollen and a bit hard?

Answer Yes.When you are pregnant your digestive system slows down so that you have more time to extract all the vitamins from the food you are eating. Therefore constipation is a definite symptom... Read More »