Hard drive crashed. but now its fine, why?

Answer I would suggest that you make an effort to start backing up all files that you can't live without now and be prepared for that time to replace your harddrive. It could be a few days, weeks, a few m... Read More »

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My internal hard drive crashed. Can I just use an external hard drive instead?

I think you could use it its just important computer files are the internal harddrive that the people put on in the factory so certain things might not work

How to Install New Internal Hard Drive Without Removing Old Internal Crashed Hard Drive in a Desktop?

This guide will explain how to install a new internal hard drive without removing the old internal (bad) hard drive. This will work in most desktops.

How to Recover Pictures From a Hard Drive That Crashed?

Hard drives have a lifespan and will not work forever. It is important to backup important documents regularly to another hard drive or online backup system. In the event that a hard drive crashes ... Read More »

I need help with my macbook pro 15" after i changed hard drive and was trying to reformate the hard drive.?

Not 100% sure but do not think your Mac will support 8 GB of ram memory. Go to enter the Mac info to find out max system will support, correct type memory modules for upgrade... Read More »