Hard drive configuration is not set to facory default. restore aborted.?

Answer use the one, Acer provided you.

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Hard Drive Installation & Configuration?

Hard drives provide permanent data storage for computers. They are fully removable components that can be replaced or upgraded by unplugging a couple of connectors and removing a few screws.

Can i boot Linux off a CD and use an external hard drive as the default drive?

Yes but you would also need a boot CD every time,The bare computer only has a very basic booting system that can't recognise usb disksEasiest solution is find or buy a second hand hard disk and ins... Read More »

New external hard drive. How do I make the external my default hard drive?

Unfortunately Windows will always see an external drive as a removable drive and won't let you make it your default. However you can do certain things to make more room like move your internet cac... Read More »

HELP!!! I accidentally restored my dad's hard drive to its original default system, how can I reverse it?

I do understand your panic. I've had my sons come to me with several 'oops' over the years. Your best course of action is to sit down with your father and just tell him what happened. Even if you r... Read More »