Hard blister like sore on inside of labia. What could it be?

Answer This could possibly be genital herpes, or a cyst of some type. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible to have it checked out.

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Is it normal to have what appears to be a blood blister on the inside of your outer labia during pregnancy?

Answer I had it too and was worried at first. My doctor checked it out and told me it was from dialated blood vessels due to hormonal changes when you're pregnant. It will go away soon. Nothing to... Read More »

What about constantly hard and mildly sore nipples rather than sore or enlarged breasts combined with a late period could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes this could be pregnancy related. Perform a HPT.

Could u be pregnant if your nipples are hard and sore all the time?

Assuming you are female, yes. Although these symptoms are in no way conclusive.

Can ingrown hair on the labia cause a bleeding sore?

On One Hand: Bleeding Labial Sores May Be Ingrown HairsIf you wax or shave your genital region, it is possible for an ingrown hair to result on the labia. Ingrown hairs are often painful, pimple-li... Read More »