Hard Water & Facial Skin Problems?

Answer Many people who suffer from dry, red skin--and other skin irritations--have used every cream and lotion to combat it. But oftentimes they are unaware that the source of the problem is their water.

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How to Treat Facial Skin Problems?

While acne is one of the most common skin conditions for both men and women, particularly in adolescence, it is common for people to experience various facial skin problems throughout their lives. ... Read More »

Facial Skin Problems Related to Alcohol?

The skin on the face is one of the most delicate organs in the body, while also being the one most regularly confronted with pollution, smoke, smog, sunlight and other harmful elements. The consump... Read More »

Can well water cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Dry Skin and IrritationWell water can cause excessively dry skin that can be itchy, flaky and irritated. The mineral deposits in the well water can strip the skin of its natural oils, ... Read More »

The Effects of Hard Water on Skin?

Hard water is comprised of high concentrations of undissolved minerals, such as calcium carbonate and dolomite. Although hard water contains these elements, it is not detrimental to your health, bu... Read More »