Hard Drives & Data Transfer Speed?

Answer The data transfer speed of a computer hard drive is determined by a combination of mechanical and electronic factors. Thanks to technological advances in recent years, hard drives in 2010 can trans... Read More »

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How do I transfer data from hard drives?

CD/DVD CopyInsert a blank CD or DVD into your computer. Start your CD/DVD authoring program. Select the "Data" option. Place all the data you want to transfer from your hard drive onto the CD/DVD. ... Read More »

How to Transfer Data Between Two Hard Drives?

Whether it's just to clean up our hard drives, or because we're running out of room as file sizes swell, but from time to time, we may need to back up a good amount of data. One easy way to do this... Read More »

How to Make a Data Transfer Between USB Drives Faster?

Transferring data between USB drives and hard drives can be slowed down because your computer is trying to accomplish many tasks at once. When this happens, it's best to assign your computer certai... Read More »

Donor Hard Drives for data recovery?