Hard Core Obstacle Course Ideas?

Answer Obstacle courses are great way to challenge all-around fitness, body strength, balance and coordination. They can also introduce enjoyment and team work elements to an exercise regimen. However ,th... Read More »

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How to Do a Hard Core Advanced Therapeutic Massage?

An advanced technique to help ease body pains and promote relaxation.Although these therapies will not diagnose or cure illness, they should promote good circulation, and make muscles more pliable ... Read More »

Will my mother's lies and the abuse ever stop she is hard core narcissitic? is a good place for you to start. No she will not stop. She is sick and there is NO cure.

Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to install a 2nd Hard Drive in a Power Mac G5 Dual Core ?

You simply plug it into the empty port. There should also be a power cable spare for it. Plug that in as well and screw the drive into the bay.When you start the comp up use disc utility to reforma... Read More »

If core duo means Dual core then what is the 2 mean in the core 2 duo?

horribly confusing nomenclature those from inteland if you have not been following developments ... yes, it's horribly confusing indeedto start with, they are all dual core processorsmeaning 2 core... Read More »