Happy 2008 What can I make you for breakfast Its the least I can do.?

Answer you are so sweet,egg, bacon,beans on toast would be nice,and a cup of tea to wash it down

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What can i make for breakfast?

If you have any bread, toast it lightly and butter it. Slice a banana and spread it on top, sprinkle with a litlle cinnamon spice and a little brown sugar. Grill for a few seconds, until the sugar ... Read More »

What is the least amount I can make and still file taxes?

According to, if you made $400 or more through employment, you will need to file a Federal income tax return. This requirement was updated on the as of August 2009.Source:Do you nee... Read More »

What can I do to make my hair grow at least twice as fast!?

I hope this is of some help to youHow to make hair grow FASTER, LONGER & HEALTHIER…How to make your hair grow longer, faster Read More »

What is you least favorite food to make at the restraunt you work at?

I don't work at a restaurant anymore but when I did I was a fry cook. I hated making the fried chicken. Usually a lot of grease popping on me and after about 6-8 hours it would get me kinda sick to... Read More »