Hands or Legs..........Which part is more hard working...Why ?

Answer Legs because they take the full pressure of our own weight, pressure on the joints and ligaments. Hands do a lot but not so strenuously as the legs.

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Very hard wrinkly hands?

Put a thick lotion on it not the watery type but the thick kind I had dry feet and I did that over night and it was all better in the morning.

Hard copies of pictures in my hands, getting them on the computer....?

Lift the lid, place the pictures face down on the glass, close the lid and press the scan button. You will then be given the option to save the picture to the computer. Hope this helps.

All you hard-working ladies with pretty hands: What do you use for cleaning dishes...?

Well, definitely i'm no lady, but i do wash my dishes? (and my hands are pretty well pretty as well... hah-hah-hahh!)I usually buy this liquid dish-washing detergent (specially for washing dishes ... Read More »

What is the hard part of being a hottie!?

Growing old.If a person becomes attached to their looks due to the positives that come with being a "hottie", they will have difficulty watching their beauty fade as they age.They may become very u... Read More »