Hands on Slope Activity?

Answer Slope, as a mathematical term, refers to the rapidity with which a line rises or falls on a graph as x-values increase. While slope is fairly simple to visualize on a graph, its ramifications can b... Read More »

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A Hands-on Activity for Luke 6:46-49?

A hands-on activity for Luke 6:46-49 depends on the age and fitness of the audience. The goal is to get the audience members to feel uneasy when they're not in a safe, stable situation, and to demo... Read More »

Hands-On Activity for Finding the Area of a Triangle?

Students can understand the concept of the area of a triangle better if they explore it through hands-on activities. The most effective activities use objects that are familiar and realistic. Graph... Read More »

Hands-On Activity Ideas for Teaching All Subjects?

British biologist, Dr. Aric Sigman, published a paper stating the benefit of a child working with her own hands on 3-D, real-world projects. He believes that such experiences are imperative for her... Read More »

Math Predictions Hands-On Lesson Activity for 7th Graders?

Prediction is the act of determining the likelihood of an event's happening in the future. Using prediction in math helps develop concepts such as percentages, ratios, average and median. Creating ... Read More »