Hands on Slope Activity?

Answer Slope, as a mathematical term, refers to the rapidity with which a line rises or falls on a graph as x-values increase. While slope is fairly simple to visualize on a graph, its ramifications can b... Read More »

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A Hands-on Activity for Luke 6:46-49?

A hands-on activity for Luke 6:46-49 depends on the age and fitness of the audience. The goal is to get the audience members to feel uneasy when they're not in a safe, stable situation, and to demo... Read More »

Hands-On Activity Ideas for Teaching All Subjects?

British biologist, Dr. Aric Sigman, published a paper stating the benefit of a child working with her own hands on 3-D, real-world projects. He believes that such experiences are imperative for her... Read More »

Hands-On Activity for Finding the Area of a Triangle?

Students can understand the concept of the area of a triangle better if they explore it through hands-on activities. The most effective activities use objects that are familiar and realistic. Graph... Read More »

A Hands-on Activity on Phases of the Moon for Elementary Students?

The moon has four main phases. A new moon happens when the moon is between the Earth and sun. A full moon happens when the Earth, moon and sun are aligned. The new moon is the reverse of this -- th... Read More »