Hands-on Exercises in Reading Comprehension?

Answer Being able to read is one thing. Being able to read and understand a story's themes, and thoughtfully interpret what is being read, is of even greater value. To help children develop these skills, ... Read More »

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How to Use Pre-Reading to Improve Reading Comprehension?

Pre-reading activities can give students necessary background knowledge and vocabulary before reading, motivate them by allowing them to connect text to their own lives and help them prioritize whi... Read More »

How to Teach Reading Comprehension?

Early readers need to learn more than the sounds of letters and that individual letters grouped together form words. As they learn to read simple books, they need to learn how to understand what is... Read More »

Why is comprehension important in reading?

Being able to fluently read through a paragraph or story does not solely determine a student's reading ability. To be a fully competent reader, the student must be able to comprehend what he reads.... Read More »

Teaching Reading Comprehension?

Good readers do more than read the words on the page. When reading text, the brain is hard at work making connections, asking questions and drawing conclusions. Good readers use strategies while re... Read More »