Hands on Activities to Teach Writing Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions?

Answer Younger students are often confused by fractions because they seem counter-intuitive. They wonder why multiplying fractions will often give products that are smaller than the factors and why 1/8 is... Read More »

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How to Change Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions?

This article explains how to convert a number in the form a b/c (mixed) to a form (ac+b)/c (improper).

How to Decide to Use Improper Fractions or Mixed Numbers?

Confused about when you should write a mixed number like 33/8, or an "improper" fraction like 27/8? Here is exactly when you should use each form, and why.

How to Turn Improper Fractions Into Whole Numbers?

An improper fraction is defined as a fraction whose numerator (top number) is greater than or equal to the denominator (bottom number). This is also called being "top-heavy." An improper fraction i... Read More »

How to Add Mixed Numbers With Like Fractions?

Math is a great subject to learn and you will need it when you get a job someday.We will be using 4 2/3 and 3 1/3.