Hands-on Activities for Congruent Figures?

Answer Figures are congruent when they are exactly the same size and shape. Teaching this concept, especially to younger children, can be greatly enhanced with hands-on activities. These activities can in... Read More »

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What Are Congruent Figures?

If two figures are the same shape and size, they are congruent. If they are the same shape but not the same size, they are similar, but not congruent. Congruent figures are also similar, but simila... Read More »

What Are Similar & Congruent Figures in Geometry?

Similar figures refer to polygons that have the exact same shape, but not necessarily the same size. Congruent figures refer to polygons that have the exact same shape and the exact same size. For ... Read More »

Differences Between Congruent & Similar Figures?

Family members often look alike, but are different sizes because of age. A younger brother may have facial features that are similar to his sibling's, just smaller. Identical twins have features th... Read More »

Congruent Activities for 3rd Grade?

Learning the concept of congruency -- objects that are exactly the same size and shape -- allows third graders to discover one of the basics of geometry. Before beginning any congruent activities, ... Read More »