Hands-On Phonics Lessons?

Answer Phonics is a technique used to teach reading to preschoolers, kindergartners and early elementary students. Children memorize consonant and vowel sounds then use that knowledge to decode unfamilia... Read More »

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Kindergarten Hands on Lessons?

Kindergartners need to manipulate materials to develop hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles in their fingers to prepare them for writing. Hands-on objects used for students to learn a c... Read More »

Kindergarten Hands-On Math Lessons?

Hands-on math activities help students at the kindergarten level to more fully grasp math concepts. There are a variety of lessons for kindergarten children addressing math fundamentals such as sha... Read More »

Hands on Science Lessons for Kids?

Science provides explanations for how things work in the real world, so it is natural for kids to want to see the implications of their lessons in real life rather than just read about them in a te... Read More »

Elementary Hands-On Angle Lessons?

Hands-on activities are beneficial for introducing and reinforcing geometric concepts. Using manipulatives provides students with visual and hands-on models to represent geometric objects such as a... Read More »