Hands-On Ideas for All Subjects?

Answer When presenting information to students, some teachers elect to simply stand and deliver, presenting a prepared lecture from which they expect students to gather information. While this method of e... Read More »

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Hands-On Activity Ideas for Teaching All Subjects?

British biologist, Dr. Aric Sigman, published a paper stating the benefit of a child working with her own hands on 3-D, real-world projects. He believes that such experiences are imperative for her... Read More »

Hands-On Activities for Subjects & Predicates?

Teaching students about grammar can be a challenge for any educator. Understanding sentence structure, however, is one of the most basic fundamentals of the English language. A subject is a noun or... Read More »

Hands-On Math Ideas?

Math can be a difficult subject to teach and to learn. Educators often rely on worksheets and drilling to teach the subject, and students often find this approach boring and difficult. To make math... Read More »

Ideas for Hands-On Teaching?

Hands-on activities are good for students of any age and any subject. They are effective because they let students apply concepts and understand them on a firsthand basis rather than just passively... Read More »