Hands-On Activities for Multiplication?

Answer Multiplication is an essential part of mathematics and is important to know for everyday life. This mathematical operation is simply a quicker way to add numbers up; the quicker you can get that ac... Read More »

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How to Remember the 9's in Multiplication Using Your Hands?

9X4=36(3 fingers at left and 6 fingers at rightThe number 9 is quite a fascinating one. Adding 9 to any number leaves its digital root unchanged, and multiplying any number by 9 results in a number... Read More »

Third Grade Multiplication Activities?

Teaching kids new math concepts can sometimes be difficult. Multiplication is one of those concepts that at first seems so hard to third graders. The key to learning the multiplication tables is re... Read More »

Math Multiplication Bingo Activities?

Bingo is a game that teachers can easily adapt to teach math concepts such as multiplication. It only takes a few modifications to make an ideal math game for classroom use. Practicing this importa... Read More »

Base Ten Block Activities for Multiplication?

Base 10 blocks can be used to simulate and reinforce all math operations. You can organize activities for your class or at home, using base 10 blocks, so children can learn new math skills and unde... Read More »