Handprint Halloween Crafts?

Answer The more craft projects you can give children to do in the weeks before Halloween, the better. Young children will be bouncing off the walls with excitement about the upcoming holiday, and craft pr... Read More »

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Angel Handprint Crafts for Kids?

Many children enjoy stamping their hand print onto paper, and the feeling of dipping their hands into the wet, gooey paint. Children also like the feel of a pencil that outlines every crevice of th... Read More »

Jar Crafts for Halloween?

You can make charming Halloween crafts with basic glass jars. Use clean canning jars when creating the projects, or recycle baby food, pickle, jelly or mayonnaise jars as an eco-friendly touch. Jar... Read More »

Crafts for a Halloween Tombstone?

The site of a tombstone or graveyard can chill the blood of even the toughest person. Create a variety of tombstone crafts for Halloween including assorted decorations and treats. Make such crafts ... Read More »

Halloween Candy Crafts for a Kid?

After Halloween is over and trick-or-treating is through, you're left with a lot of Halloween candy that you're not sure what to do with. If you want to use the candy as more than just a basic food... Read More »