Handicapped Bathroom Ideas?

Answer For an individual with crutches, a walker, a wheelchair or other physical disability, even simple tasks like bathing and using the bathroom become difficult. Fortunately, a number of modern-day con... Read More »

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How to Adapt a Bathroom and Kitchen for Use by a Handicapped Person?

Most homes today are simply not disability friendly. The only way to make a home completely functional for a wheelchair bound person is to completely remodel it. In many cases our budgets simply do... Read More »

Is it alright to use the symbol for the handicapped to make fun of people you consider mentally handicapped

Art Project Ideas for Severely Handicapped Students?

Art is important in the lives of the severely handicapped. Allowing students to express themselves and create something can profoundly affect their self-image. Adapt art projects to accommodate the... Read More »

Ideas for a 5x8 Bathroom?

In a small bathroom, it can be difficult to combine functionality and design without overwhelming the space. As you plan the room's design, consider how you can maximize the space, making it beauti... Read More »