Hand vs. Orbital Car Waxing?

Answer After a thorough washing and polishing, a well-executed wax job can bring a shine to a car's exterior. While a polish uses abrasives to create a smooth outer coat, wax protects the paint by forming... Read More »

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Who invented the orbital hand sander?

The orbital hand sander first appeared on the market in 1951, coming from a German tool company known as Festo. The company founders, Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll, started the company in 1925. N... Read More »

How do i use a random orbital sander?

Attach a 100-grit hook and loop sanding disc to the pad on the orbital sander to sand a first time on new rough wood. Hook and loop sanding discs have holes around the perimeter that must line up w... Read More »

What is an orbital sander?

Also known as a random orbital or random-orbit sander, orbital sanders are an essential tool for many woodworkers. These sanders are used to smooth surfaces, eliminate wood flaws and create a level... Read More »

Orbital Welding Facts?

Orbital welding is a technique in which a welding arc orbits, or rotates 360 degrees, around the weld joint between two stationary metal pieces, such as pipes or tubes. Orbital welding relies on a ... Read More »