Hand spiked by crayfish/shrimp last night, skin is now red and sore.?

Answer See a doctor or try and research the symptoms of the injury

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I cut my hand last night, got 7 stitches, fingers are numb?

A DRs and Nurses responsibility to save life and limb first. When ever you have a severe cut, burn, or injury you are at risk for nerve damage. They are correct in saying that they are more concern... Read More »

Last night I dreamt I had the swine flu and now I have a sore throat..actual serious question inside :)?

If you had a sore or parched throat before you woke up, then you might have felt some discomfort or pain from it during your dream, and this could easily be associated with and suggest the recent b... Read More »

I fell and cut my hand Last night I got it bandaged but it still hurts any suggestions to get rid of the pain.?

It could still be infected! Just take a trip to the doctor to see if you need a course of anti biotics.Pain killers are your best bet for the time being for at least a week, and it will go away, pr... Read More »

Night sweats, sore neck, sore throat. How to get rid of ASAP?

If you haven't gone already, I hope this helps.The best way to tackle something like this quickly is to:= drink lots of fluids - I mean lots;= take LARGE doses of vitamin C - several thousand milli... Read More »