Hand spiked by crayfish/shrimp last night, skin is now red and sore.?

Answer See a doctor or try and research the symptoms of the injury

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Night sweats, sore neck, sore throat. How to get rid of ASAP?

If you haven't gone already, I hope this helps.The best way to tackle something like this quickly is to:= drink lots of fluids - I mean lots;= take LARGE doses of vitamin C - several thousand milli... Read More »

Sore hand after thumb twitching?

could be that you need to stop twitching these thingymajigs

My whole hand is swollen and sore from a mosquito bite.?

It sounds like you might have had an odd allergic reaction to the mosquito bite. Mosquitoes do not bite just one animal or person and so you might have pick up a allergen from creature that you are... Read More »

Could someone please tell me a bit about skin markings in the hand Human Skin?

It can be posible to have the similar but not same as your mom. The palm reading is just if you believe on it. You believe you make it happen you don't nothing happens.Hope this helps