Hand injury, question regarding cleaning?

Answer When it comes to cat bites, this can become serious, sometimes fragments from the cats teeth can be embedded in the skin. Infection usually always occurs, due to the number of bacteria in the cats... Read More »

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Serious question. my left hand, little pinky is swollen--taking advil to keep it from getting out of hand...?

Sounds like you might need an x-ray diagnosis & treatment.Funny, when I read the question on its surface, I thought it was a play on words....finger hurts...taking Advil to keep it from getting, "O... Read More »

Why is research regarding stem cells for spinal disc injury moving at such a slow pace?

Future treatments may indeed include stem cell therapy. Doctors Victor Y. L. Leung, Danny Chan and Kenneth M. C. Cheung have reported in the European Spine Journal that "substantial progress has be... Read More »

Plz help,Hand injury, glass laceration. venous clot?

Hi moody,glass lacerations tend to be a real bother because they are very easy to cause. They can be long, deep, take a while to heal and due to glass having a fragmentary nature, it can become emb... Read More »

Question regarding diarrhea?