Hand hurts when I play bass. Why?

Answer It maybe a Repetitive Stress Injury which can include:•carpal tunnel syndrome •bursitis •tendinitis / tendonitis •epicondylitis (tennis elbow) •ganglion cyst •tenosynovitis •trigger f... Read More »

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Im thinking about starting to play the bass would this be a good bass to get?

no i would start with more of a beginner one. my first one sucked, it was a drive. but thats just how it always is. also, you dont want to spend too much first off just in case you quit, not saying... Read More »

My Hand hurts, should I go to the ER?

What happened to your hand? If your friend's mom is a nurse and says it's not broken, you can probably trust her. But I'd highly recommend that you take extra strength tylenol and ice your hand (... Read More »

I stabbed my hand and now it hurts too much. What should I do?

your father told you to "disregard it?" What does that mean? Forget the horrible pain you are in?.Can't see how that could be done/Seems like you need a trip to the

Hand Hurts!! (Thenor)?

Do you text or type a lot? Please click this link and see if it rings some bells:…You can get it checked by an orthopedist or a chiropractor. If you are us... Read More »