Hand hurts when I play bass. Why?

Answer It maybe a Repetitive Stress Injury which can include:•carpal tunnel syndrome •bursitis •tendinitis / tendonitis •epicondylitis (tennis elbow) •ganglion cyst •tenosynovitis •trigger f... Read More »

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How come my hand hurts when I punch someone, shouldn't it only hurt the person who gets punched?

how many ppl have you punched? .... maybe you have a hand cramp rub it a bit

Im thinking about starting to play the bass would this be a good bass to get?

no i would start with more of a beginner one. my first one sucked, it was a drive. but thats just how it always is. also, you dont want to spend too much first off just in case you quit, not saying... Read More »

What happens when you play a bass on a guitar amp?

Different amps exist for guitars and basses, because each instrument has different sonic needs. Playing a bass on a guitar amp is possible, but, if not handled correctly, can result in weak, unplea... Read More »

My stomach hurts when i dont eat, but it hurts even more when i do ?

Sounds like a classic case of an OVERACID tummy. Quick, chew a couple of Tums antiacid tablets. If not at hand use the 1920s trick ofputting a pinch of Soda (bicarb) on your tongue and washing it d... Read More »