Hand Washing Instructions?

Answer According to the Minnesota Department of Health, each square centimeter of the skin on your hands contains approximately 1,500 bacteria. Your hands experience more germ exposure than any other part... Read More »

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What is another use for liquid hand dish washing detergent besides washing dishes?

washing your hands. washing a car.washing stuff In addition, you can use a mild solution of it to rinse and sanitize fruit and vegetables, especially if bought at an open-air farmers' market, as I ... Read More »

I put hand washing powder in my washing machine.....?

i'm sure that's happened to us busy mums once in a while try putting on a extra spin or rinse at end of wash, good luck

Hand-Washing Habits?

Developing good hand-washing habits is a simple way to stay healthy. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, washing your hands is one of "the most effective way... Read More »

Hand Washing Experiments?

Although cajoling, encouraging and warning people to wash their hands is the most common way of promoting this potentially life-saving practice, a simple hand-washing experiment could prove more ef... Read More »