Hand Polish Vs. Buffer for Cars?

Answer Car polish contains semi-abrasive components, meaning that every time you polish your car, a thin layer of paint is removed. Because of this, applying polish to your car is not as simple as it seem... Read More »

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How to Polish a Car With a Rotary Buffer?

If you take pride in your car, you always want it looking its best. For exterior car maintenance, few tools are as effective as the rotary buffer. Also called a circular polisher or high-speed poli... Read More »

How to Polish Aluminum on a Buffer Wheel?

A good polish on an aluminum wheel is all that is needed to bring the metal back into top condition. Sometimes all an aluminum wheel needs is a good wash with soap and water. But other times, it mi... Read More »

How to Apply Car Wax by Hand or With a Buffer?

Wax is used on boats, cars and other vehicles to protect the paint from the sun, as well as make it shine. The wax fills in the small microscopic holes that are present in the surface of paint, whi... Read More »

How to Hand Polish a Car?

Hand-polishing a car can be the best method in creating the shine you desire. A machine polisher can scratch or damage the car's finish, unlike the smoother technique of polishing with a soft towel... Read More »