Hand-Held String Game Directions?

Answer String games entertain and delight children. With hundreds of different "moves," children make "Jacob's Ladders" or "Cat's Cradles" from a piece of old yarn, thread or even shoelaces. According to ... Read More »

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Who invented the hand-held TV?

The MTV-1 by Sinclair Electronics is considered the first portable, hand-held television. The unit was designed by Sinclair's founder, British inventor and entrepreneur Clive Sinclair. Released in... Read More »

How to String a Hand Fan?

A hand fan is the simplest, most convenient cooling device you can make yourself. It is easy to carry since it can be folded and kept in a handbag -- it is also easy to make, or repair. Made usuall... Read More »

What is a hand-held scanner?

A hand-held scanner is a device that most department stores use to scan bar codes on merchandise, as of 2010. Hand-held scanners have greatly reduced the time it takes to buy merchandise and have a... Read More »

How to Do Hand Held Macro Photography?

First of all, understand that, for the most part, you really need a tripod to get the best shots with macro photography. That being said, you can get some really good shots by hand holding your cam... Read More »