Halp! What should I do if I'm too drunk to remember my own name?

Answer Im this state, it's probably best to carry on drinking, and eventually you will drink yourself sober. And anything that happens, well, you'll be too drunk to remember anyway, so it didn't happen, r... Read More »

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I got really drunk and I don't remember what happened what can I do to help me remember?

Just tell them they was kids once everyone makes mistakes and they would be glad that you was honest enough to tell them the truth.Also next time don't drink so much it is very dangerous drinking t... Read More »

When you get drunk, why can't you remember what you have done?

Brain gets to know things from nervous system.For example : you touch a hot object, your finger nerves transfers the signal to nervous system and nervous system transfers to Brain which orders to p... Read More »

What should I do when I get drunk and can't remember?

First and foremost: becareful with whom you drink! Try different alcohols, vodka is good. Start simple and work your way up. but always have someone around you that you trust with your life. Se... Read More »

Got really drunk last night and can't remember where?