Half way point between philadelphia and atlanta?

Answer Living good.

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I have eaten a month and a half out of date Philadelphia and I feel really sick?

If you had food poisoning, you would not have to ask anyone, you would know. Take a large dose of Pepto and a good laxative.

I had half a point of ice, it got laced i felt dizzy and heart poputations first time it happend?

You did illegal drugs and are surprised at side effects?Ice is a stimulant, so dizziness and palpitations are expected.When you buy ice or another drug, it's manufacturing wasn't overseen by the FD... Read More »

If you cut a worm in half, throw one half on one side of the lawn, and one half on the other. . .?

Should I stay at the Loews hotel in Atlanta, or the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta?

Both are 5 star hotels with equal amenities. Of course the answer depends on where you need to be near.I would choose the Lowes because of its Midtown location. There is just a more open feel to th... Read More »