Half of Ecstasy Pill effects?

Answer if you didn't like it i doubt you got good stuff...but your seratonin levels should be fine in 2 weeksbesides it doesn't really affect your mood at allthe only people it affects are the ones who do... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant after being on the pill for only 1 and a half months then stopping the pill...I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo?

You will become fertile again 2-4 weeks after you stop taking it.

Fitting after taking ecstasy pill?

this reply is probably too late to help but hope ur feeling better! do u know what the pill was called you had? (like the press/symbol/colour etc:) sounds like you just went a bit over board. i fin... Read More »

Took the plan b pill a day after unprotected sex its a week later and there is some nausea dizziness and fatigue could that be side effects from the pill?

Answer Its possible this can be side effects of the Plan B pill.

How can I make wife (asian) more comfortable with taking a birth control pill Pill with least side effects?

Clearly she doesn't want to take them. Her concerns are valid. So how about trying a different birth control? Like an IUD? Or a diaphragm? Sponge? Etc.…