Hairstyles to Make Teens Look Older?

Answer Wanting to look a bit older than you really are is a normal part of growing up. Believe it or not, everyone has gone through it, even your parents. Unfortunately, their generation's version of atte... Read More »

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How to Look Older (for Pre Teens)?

Want to look like this?Although usually it's best you look and act your own age, sometimes you just want people to think that you're older than you really are. If you want to look older, follow the... Read More »

How to Teach Phonics to Older Teens?

Phonics are the building blocks of reading and writing. Phonics teaches students how to connect the sounds that letters make into meaningful words. Students generally learn phonics at a young age, ... Read More »

How to Attract an Older Woman (Teens)?

It's may be difficult enough to attract an older girl, but you've really got the odds stacked against you when you're a teenage guy trying to make an impression on someone older than you. The key i... Read More »

I'm in my late teens, but still look quite young. How can I look older?

I had the same problem when I was younger (except that I’m a boy.) I wore a wig and fake mustache to school, you should try that. Yeah, people are going to laugh at you, but you will look older... Read More »