Hairstyles for the Business Woman?

Answer First impressions have a lot to do with professional image and reputation. A woman with a neat, polished hairstyle is more likely to make a good impression at work than a woman with a messy or friz... Read More »

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Hairstyles For a Big Woman?

While some people think that they just need to pick a hairstyle that complements their hair texture and bone structure, many are not aware that a hairstyle must complement their body shape as well.... Read More »

Woman 70s Hairstyles?

While some hairstyles transcend eras, remaining stylish for many years, some have a strong link to a specific time. The hairstyles popular in the 1970s remain visually unique, and while some are st... Read More »

Hairstyles for the Mature Woman?

If you're a mature woman, don't let your gray or thinning hair define who you are. You have lots of options when it comes to getting a new hairstyle, cut, or color. That doesn't mean you have to ge... Read More »

Hairstyles for the Over-50 Woman?

As you get older, your hair may become thin and fine. Even if that isn't the case, certain hairstyles tend to be more flattering for older faces than others. Women often cut their hair short as the... Read More »