Hairstyles for a Sweet Fifteen?

Answer A sweet 15, or Quinceanera, is the celebration of a woman's fifteenth birthday. In many cultures, this is the transition from childhood to womanhood. Therefore, the girl must look young but sophist... Read More »

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If I'm fifteen and just gave birth I have been nursing since my daughter came home from the hospital should I keep nursing even though I am only fifteen?

You should nurse until your baby is ready to be weaned off. Your doctor will be able to give a rough idea of when.

Sweet 15 Hairstyles?

A young woman's Sweet 15 or Quinceanera is often the most glamorous day in her young adult life, and the day when she becomes a woman wouldn't be complete without amazing hair. Sweet 15 hair has to... Read More »

Can a twenty-one year old get custody of their fifteen year old sibling if the mother is dead and the father beats the fifteen year old?

I believe the answer is YES as long as the 21 year old proves to be capable of doing so.

Sweet Hairstyles for Guys?

Men do not get as much attention for their hair, but they do utilize a wide range of styles. From short to long, and everything in between, American men wear all sorts of different hair styles. By... Read More »