Hairstyles for Children Age 9?

Answer When it comes to children's hairstyles, you need something versatile that requires little maintenance while they are playing, yet something that can be dressed up when necessary. Nine-year-olds are... Read More »

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How to Hairstyles for Black Children?

Creating stylish and protective hairstyles for Black Children can be easy as long as you know what you're doing. This article will give you the basics on styling black hair and help you create a po... Read More »

Cute Hairstyles for Children?

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your child, simple is usually best. The challenge is choosing a style your child likes and is easy to manage without much effort. Depending on your child's... Read More »

Black Hairstyles for Children?

Many black hairstyles such as knots and locks stem from various aspects of African culture. For instance, Turkana women of northern Kenya shave their hair and wear a patch of small braids on top of... Read More »

Children Hairstyles for Girls?

Girls have a lot of requirements for their hair: It should stay out of their way when playing soccer or turning cartwheels; look lovely for photographs; and be easy to keep clean, even after an aft... Read More »