Hairstyles With the Ends Dyed?

Answer Cutting and dying your hair is one way to ultimately express yourself. You may prefer understated hairstyles that are business friendly and natural. If you are a bit younger, or just enjoy a wilder... Read More »

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Dyed Red Hairstyles?

Red hair is unusual and striking. Because of that, many women choose to dye their hair red. Red hair colors vary from strawberry blond and copper red, to deep auburn or burgundy. Dyed red hair tend... Read More »

Layered & Dyed Hairstyles?

Changing the look of hair is one of the main ways to make a dramatic difference in your appearance. One stylish way to update your hair is with hair dye and layers. Layered hair comes in all differ... Read More »

Dyed Blond Hairstyles?

Dying your hair blond will change the way in which you style your hair and even the makeup colors that you use. Whether going blond is a drastic change, or a minor one, consider the different hairs... Read More »

Dyeing blonde over auburn dyed over blonde dyed brunette?

yeah uhhm deffibtly wate a while. Try doing some natural cthings first to lighten your hair and restore its condition. Honey and cinomn mixed toegther will really lighten your hair. You can leave t... Read More »