Hairstyles With a Center Part?

Answer Center-parted hairstyles have taken over the deep side part as a favored style. The center part will open up and brighten a face to emphasize the eyes. The center part works well with angle-softeni... Read More »

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Center Part Hairstyles for Men?

There are many men’s hairstyles both long and short that accommodate center parts. The part is a line of scalp that runs parallel to the sides of the head and can be seen when hair is divided and... Read More »

What is the center part of a flower called that is often sticky&makes seeds?

The center part of a flower that is sticky is the stigma. It is located on the top of the female reproductive parts of the flower called the pistil. The stigma is sticky so it can collect pollen wh... Read More »

Deep Side Part Hairstyles?

Add drama and edge to any hairstyle by using a thin-toothed comb to create a deep side part. Deep side parts were worn to events in 2010 by Pink, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguil... Read More »

Long Layered Hairstyles With a Part to the Right Side?

A layered hairstyle is created by cutting sections of hair in varying lengths. Adding layers does not remove any length from the hair, it simply eliminates some of the bulkiness of hair that is all... Read More »