Hairstyles That You Can Do Quickly With a Straightener?

Answer Flatirons direct high heat onto the hair shaft to flatten hair into a straight style. However, flatirons can be used for a variety of hairstyles; they're not just for stick-straight strands. They h... Read More »

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Why do people ask stupid questions that would be easily and more quickly answered with a google search?

I know they're idiots.But maybe they don't believe what's online because there's a lot of crap. So they want to ask people, failing to realise that those people are full of crap, are online people ... Read More »

Cute Hairstyles for Girls With Ears That Stick Out?

The right hairdo is sometimes all that's needed to hide a perceived physical imperfection. Cute hairstyles can reduce the look of large noses, diminish the appearance of large foreheads and wide ja... Read More »

What are some hairstyles that suit people with large foreheads?

Hey, i'm the same as you! I didn't want a full fringe, but wanted to disguise my forehead (4 and a half fingers). Definately try a side part, i have one and u don't need to have a fringe to have a ... Read More »

What are some quick, easy, cute hairstyles that I can do with bobby pins?

take your hair, up or down--looks better down and put your bangs back on your head with like 2 bobby pins making a bubble or leave them flat. just on the top of your head.or leave your hair down: s... Read More »