Hairstyles From Different Countries?

Answer Hair fashion is as diverse as the global economy. Men and women around the world can be found sporting traditional and modern interpretations of hairstyles. Some popular hairstyles are quite old, d... Read More »

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Can you name 5 songs you enjoy from 5 artists/bands from 5 different countries?

Hey You - Pink Floyd (United Kingdom)…Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance (United States)…The Last Crusade - ... Read More »

How do you receive snail mail from different countries?

Inform the individual or organization who is going to send you the snail mail what your address is. Make sure to include your ZIP code as well as the country. For example, the address should be wri... Read More »

Different Kinds of Hairstyles From the Masquerade?

The time spent getting ready for a masquerade can be as much fun as the time actually spent at one. Masquerades are filled with mystery, drama and intrigue, and the image requires meticulously-appl... Read More »

Hairstyles of Middle Eastern Countries?

The Middle East has a rich history in everything from art to cuisine to spirituality. Many people are curious about the traditional dress and appearance of people who reside in Middle Eastern count... Read More »