Hairstyle ideas please ?

Answer You can learn how to do different types of braids, thier are bunches! I'll name them...1) French braid waterfall (half up hairdo) 2) French twist waterfall braid3) Dutch braid4) Snake braid5) 5 str... Read More »

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Ideas for a Boy's Hairstyle?

Parents often put a lot of thought into choosing a girl's hairstyle, though merely direct a boy's hairstylist about preferred length. However, there are numerous hairstyles for boys. A shorter hair... Read More »

Bun Hairstyle Ideas?

Hair buns are a simple and classic way to pull together any look. Ranging from the romantic messy bun to the modern high bun, there are many bun styles to choose from. Hair buns look great with bot... Read More »

Big Hairstyle Ideas?

Big hair on women became popular in the late 1970s. The term can be used to describe any hair style that has a great deal of height or volume. With the right amount of back combing, hair spray or g... Read More »

I need some new hairstyle ideas?

well , i know how you feel . i really want something new but i cant really find anything. you could always braid your bangs and pin them to the side, or your could scrunch your hair, do tee proof... Read More »