Haircuts With Fringes for Girls?

Answer Fringe bangs, bangs which fall straight down the forehead, have been around as long as people have been cutting their hair. Fringe bangs can help mask issues with the face such as acne or a large f... Read More »

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Scene Haircuts & Emo Haircuts for Girls?

The scene and emo hair cuts are very similar but have a few main differences. Scene hair can be very shaggy and sleek or have lots of volume. It also seems to be a little more defined than the emo ... Read More »

Emo Haircuts for Girls Only?

Many of the "emo" style of haircuts are androgynous--they can be worn by both girls and guys. If you are a girl and you want an emo haircut that is exclusively feminine, there are a few you can cho... Read More »

Different Haircuts for Girls?

A fresh and new haircut and style is just what a girl needs sometimes, and it's good for your hair to get rid of dry and split ends. If you're going with a major change or a subtle trim, the best t... Read More »

Should I get my girls bob haircuts?

Its a very cute and innocent look that i had a while ago. The only problem is it starts to look strange after it grows out a bit. so you have to cut it often.