Haircut Help!!! Please answer!!!?

Answer Cut it to your shoulders because then you can still put it up in a ponytail for on those really hot days but don't cut it to a bob because at your age (i would know because i am about ur age) girl... Read More »

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PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER! Any way to make my toenails squared please help easy 10 points?

Fill them into the shape you want, or start getting pedicures. Pedicures are amazing and afordable and they paint them at the end as well. Honestly, one day you'll realize no one notices the flaws ... Read More »

BRACES PAIN PLEASE HELP 1 pt each good answer 10 pts best answer?

Try: Pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen just mild pain killers, make sure youre not allergic to it. Eating soft foods. Try to gargle with warm saline(salt in water) for a few min... Read More »

Bad haircut help please!?

If they're your old friends they should just be happy to see you. i'm also sure that you'll all laugh about it once you tell the story. they'll probably just think you're being goofy :}honestly you... Read More »

Haircut! Please help!?

Holy crap, that's the exact same picture of the hair that I wanted! I'd bring the picture in. I tried to explain it to my hairdresser, and she didn't get it right. It still looks good, but not the ... Read More »