Hair on fire.?

Answer If you have a hairy finger, it is not only normal, but expected.....LOL

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If I put hot pink hair dye on my already fire engine red hair, will the pink still turn out good?

You should bleach it a little to fade the red before you put the pink in. Since the red is so bright and vibrant the pink would only intensify the red instead of actually making your hair pink. Goo... Read More »

What would you wear with dyed red hair for a "fire" look?

have the hair loose, and make sure wind keeps blowing towards her so her hair is like, all over the place.

I spilled gas on my hair dryer, will it catch fire if I turn it on?

If it were me, I would NOT turn it on at all. A hair dryer cost what? eighteen bucks... I would choose to be on the safe side and purchase a NEW hairdryer.

Would you rather listen to the Jonas Brothers, set your hair on fire, or eat CANDY CORN?

set the jonas brothers' hair on fire while eating candy corn.