Hair grows slowely and nails cracking?

Answer You do appear to have a vitamin deficiency...Don't take single vitamins, many can mess up your metabolism.Get one of the '100% of everything' vitamin & mineral types, like Holland & Barrett 'Super ... Read More »

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Hair Loss Remedy for Hair That Grows But Breaks?

Hair that grows but breaks may be the result of external factors or internal vitamin deficiencies. Everyone loses hair every day and that's normal, but hair should not be so fragile that it breaks ... Read More »

Why does pubic hair stop growing at a certain length, yet the hair on your head grows continously?

It doesnt stop growing. It reaches a certain length and then it falls out. It just appears to stop growing because it is constantly replaced by new hair.All hair has a growth phase, termed anagen, ... Read More »

Is it true hair grows quicker when its cut Why?

No it is not true. Hair is basically dead protien and cutting the end does not alter the growth rate from the folical. It is merely perception that makes it look like it grows quicker, For example,... Read More »

When i pull on my ear lobes it makes a cracking sound (like cracking your knuckles sound)?

You have an ear infection. you should go to the doctor though because it might be more serious.