Hair dye, I miss you!?

Answer When was younger I dyed my hair like crazy and now I wish my mom didn't let me cuz Its hard to get back pertty healthy smooth hair and you should give your a big brake you will regret it if you hav... Read More »

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How to Pick Miss Clairol Hair Colors?

Miss Clairol is a line of professional quality hair color that can be purchased in beauty supply stores or online. One of the biggest perks of the line is the wide range of choices -- there are 62 ... Read More »

On Whats My Line Did Miss Francis and Miss Kilgallen know the answers before the show started?

How to Style Your Naturally Curly Hair Like Miss Piggy on "the Muppet Show"?

On "The Muppet Show", in episode 316 with Danny Kaye as the guest star, Miss Piggy had a brand new style of hair, looking as though it is indeed naturally curly. So why not try it on your own hair?... Read More »

Did anyone miss me?

If it were me I would stay in bed all day and go another day. Yes I missed you!