Hair after chemotherapy?

Answer yes, hair can do that. people who have had curly hair may find after chemo that their hair is straight and vice versa. i had an oncologist explain this in detail to me once, so forgive me but i d... Read More »

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How to Use My Hair for My Wig After Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy treatments on cancer patients frequently result in hair loss than can make female patients feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with their appearance. Wearing a wig can help these ind... Read More »

Does chemotherapy always mean hair loss?

On One Hand: Hair Loss Never a Sure ThingCancer patients often fear hair loss--alopecia--when considering chemotherapy, which kills or impedes cancer cell growth and reproduction. As chemotherapy a... Read More »

Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

Many changes take place in the body during chemotherapy. The chemicals used during chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss in men and women temporarily.How Treatment Affects Hair FolliclesHair grow... Read More »

When having chemotherapy, do you always lose your hair?

I just had chemo and did not lose all my hair on my head. Not even a bald spot. Although It did thin my beard and mustache that I was growing. The faster growing black hairs usually fall out first.... Read More »