Hair advice :D (pictures included)?

Answer i suggest that if you haven't told your mom about your sexuality then idk do whatever u want about that but for your hair just say you really want a hair cut like that and if you start cutting it s... Read More »

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Should I dye my hair *pictures included....?

that would look sooo cutte (=esp if you grew out your hairr

Long hair or short hair (pictures included)?

I like the longer hair on you, but the extensions look a tad fake. Just grow your hair out.

Short Hair Or Long Hair (pictures included!)?

Both look really nice but the shorter hair makes u look older and brings out ur face shape more making ur features stand out more!

What color should i dye my hair PICTURES INCLUDED?

first off, love the eyeliner ^_^ second, your hair looks great! But you have pretty eyes that you could really accentuate if your hair didn't match them so well. If you dye your hair a bit darker, ... Read More »