Hair Wrapping Instructions for Afro Hair?

Answer Knowing how to wrap your afro-textured hair, whether it's in its naturally curly state or chemically straightened, is a great way to promote healthy hair growth. Hair wrapping doesn't rely on direc... Read More »

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Instructions on How to Weave Afro Hair?

There are many products available to diversify someone's hair. A popular option to add length, body or change the texture of someone's natural hair are weaves. Weaves are made up of single strands ... Read More »

How to Lose Hair With Hair Wrapping?

Wrapping the hair is a popular and easy way to set the hair for wearing a straight hairstyle. The hair is combed down, and then gently brushed section by section around the head. Once all of the ha... Read More »

Is wrapping hair healthy for your hair?

On One Hand: Wrap SafetyStylists wrap colorful ribbons, strings and yarn adorned with beads, charms and trinkets around a small sections of hair to create a hair wrap. The wrap poses no harm to the... Read More »

How to Make Straight Hair Into Afro Hair?

Want to turn your straight hair into a full, soft afro? Here's how to do it.