Hair Transplants Vs. Hair Pieces?

Answer After years of flowing locks and a lusciously full mane, you begin to notice your hair falling out in places. There are a few choices that a person has in order to put a stop to their thinning quaf... Read More »

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Can cloned hair be used in hair transplants?

Hair follicles are too complex to truly be cloned using current technology. It is possible, however, to transplant donor hair follicles from on person to another and have them grow. Although it has... Read More »

How to Fix Bad Hair Transplants?

While hair transplants have been available for many years, the methods by which they are implanted have changed and improved. Early hair transplants involved placing plugs of hair into bald areas o... Read More »

How to Tell Between Good and Bad Hair Transplants?

A good hair transplant may enhance your love life, career and self esteem, or, at least, that's what you tell yourself. But that transplant can undermine you if everybody can spot it. You should be... Read More »

How to Get Facial Hair Transplants?

While most people think of hair transplants as a way to treat hair loss on the scalp, you can also get hair transplants to replace missing facial hair. You may not have facial hair in certain areas... Read More »